Pepper Marker Database

Pepper genome (Pepper.v.1.5, Kim et al. 2014 Nat Genet) list : Pepper.v.1.5.chr08

Order of Pepper markers and Pepper gene models

Pepper markers on the Pepper genome (Pepper.v.1.5, Kim et al. 2014 Nat Genet)

Total Entries: 273

Marker Color EST-SNP EST-SSR Genome-SSR Intron-SNP

Marker Name PIC value PIC lines Genome
Name Position*
CaES0360 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 131961925 1e-129
CaES2735 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 131969288 1e-136
CaES2143 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 132081611 1e-124
CaES4641 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 132518941 3e-46
CaES0459 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 132715347 3e-97
CaES2835 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 132785083 1e-111
CaES4358 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 132896308 1e-127
CaES2280 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 133090447 1e-156
CaES2296 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 133185931 2e-98
CaES5640 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 133198185 4e-94
CaES2998 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 133248485 3e-33
CaES1000 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 133323543 3e-99
CaES0168 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 133324307 7e-50
CaES1389 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 133658222 1e-111
CaES5189 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 133829122 1e-143
CaES4185 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 133894218 1e-97
CaES0500 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 133978103 2e-25
CaES4237 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 133999309 1e-148
CaES2220 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 134017304 1e-145
CaES4334 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 134232573 1e-124
CaES1929 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 134370053 1e-124
CaES2810 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 134602132 4e-55
CaES3695 Pepper.v.1.5.chr08 134727170 1e-111
* Best match positions of the marker sequences to the genome databases using tblastx (<1e-20) without filtering query sequence.

Total Entries: 273

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