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Pepper genome (Zunla-1_Release_2.0, Qin et al. 2014 PNAS) list : Chr02

Order of Pepper markers and Pepper gene models

Pepper markers on the Pepper genome (Zunla-1_Release_2.0, Qin et al. 2014 PNAS)

Total Entries: 525

Marker Color EST-SNP EST-SSR Genome-SSR Intron-SNP

Marker Name PIC value PIC lines Genome
Name Position*
CaES2742 Chr02 162418606 3e-46
CaES2037 Chr02 162422102 1e-60
CaES0970 Chr02 162452713 1e-129
CaES0537 Chr02 162465361 1e-115
CaES4639 Chr02 162485439 1e-135
CaES0586 Chr02 162607330 1e-144
CaES4472 Chr02 162664760 1e-117
CaES2195 Chr02 162719610 1e-104
CaES4295 Chr02 162761792 1e-128
CaES4048 Chr02 162822500 1e-69
CaES4524 Chr02 162955986 1e-146
CaES2664 Chr02 163005364 6e-99
CaES4516 Chr02 163095897 1e-140
CaES0801 Chr02 163153592 1e-139
CaES3895 Chr02 163278188 1e-114
CaES5469 Chr02 163286089 9e-80
CaES1675 Chr02 163485139 1e-111
CaES5555 Chr02 163567005 6e-53
CaES3666 Chr02 163783549 1e-159
CaES2285 Chr02 163783816 8e-83
CaES3837 Chr02 163784689 1e-82
CaES1131 Chr02 163847947 1e-117
CaES0727 Chr02 163881777 1e-118
CaES0859 Chr02 163920948 1e-104
CaES3578 Chr02 163936402 1e-83
* Best match positions of the marker sequences to the genome databases using tblastx (<1e-20) without filtering query sequence.

Total Entries: 525

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