Faba bean Marker Database

Medicago genome (Mt3.5v4) list : chr6

Order of Faba_bean markers and Medicago gene models

Faba_bean markers on the Medicago genome (Mt3.5v4)

Total Entries: 30

Marker Color EST-SNP EST-SSR Genome-SSR Intron-SNP

Marker Name Genome
Name Position*
FBES0687 chr6 276369 5e-55
FBES0459 chr6 1636831 1e-105
FBES0933 chr6 1762039 1e-118
FBES1623 chr6 1979826 1e-141
FBES1537 chr6 2942615 6e-70
FBES1261 chr6 3114940 2e-95
FBES0937 chr6 3398246 3e-85
FBES0555 chr6 4108772 1e-74
FBES0869 chr6 4619594 6e-41
FBES0241 chr6 4778309 4e-60
FBES0073 chr6 6361197 2e-99
FBES0426 chr6 6376894 2e-82
FBES0599 chr6 6621287 4e-54
FBES0179 chr6 6982479 4e-55
FBES0355 chr6 10374658 3e-59
FBES1546 chr6 13185764 4e-85
FBES0254 chr6 13523677 2e-82
FBES1477 chr6 14491156 5e-73
FBES0175 chr6 14542307 2e-90
FBES1740 chr6 14642269 1e-164
FBES0587 chr6 16414001 1e-105
FBES0897 chr6 17516379 1e-117
FBES0469 chr6 19426387 6e-76
FBES0764 chr6 19745707 6e-60
FBES0074 chr6 20032716 4e-73
FBES1552 chr6 22185202 2e-72
FBES0664 chr6 22728300 1e-106
FBES1389 chr6 23108127 6e-77
FBES1579 chr6 23117285 1e-122
FBES1105 chr6 23145978 1e-132
* Best match positions of the marker sequences to the genome databases using tblastx (<1e-20) without filtering query sequence.

Total Entries: 30

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