Faba bean Marker Database

Medicago genome (Mt3.5v4) list : chr2

Order of Faba_bean markers and Medicago gene models

Faba_bean markers on the Medicago genome (Mt3.5v4)

Total Entries: 91

Marker Color EST-SNP EST-SSR Genome-SSR Intron-SNP

Marker Name Genome
Name Position*
FBES0926 chr2 30701979 3e-27
FBES0932 chr2 7644628 2e-85
FBES0947 chr2 11981558 1e-128
FBES0957 chr2 22126833 3e-96
FBES0968 chr2 6965921 2e-80
FBES0973 chr2 375709 4e-70
FBES1019 chr2 1272466 5e-75
FBES1023 chr2 23589380 1e-174
FBES1052 chr2 970107 5e-76
FBES1068 chr2 9996216 1e-103
FBES1107 chr2 12608884 3e-48
FBES1134 chr2 25309744 4e-85
FBES1159 chr2 13283881 1e-76
FBES1172 chr2 16956217 3e-96
FBES1184 chr2 14201103 5e-38
FBES1201 chr2 32458907 1e-116
FBES1205 chr2 11781498 9e-33
FBES1209 chr2 4342948 4e-71
FBES1218 chr2 27184014 7e-46
FBES1235 chr2 29893765 2e-58
FBES1248 chr2 31900151 1e-115
FBES1249 chr2 904920 1e-147
FBES1252 chr2 7101909 1e-122
FBES1262 chr2 9604673 1e-101
FBES1305 chr2 3981788 1e-78
FBES1356 chr2 8759933 8e-72
FBES1413 chr2 27235921 1e-48
FBES1414 chr2 11700371 5e-69
FBES1486 chr2 27148256 1e-143
FBES1502 chr2 29165984 1e-108
FBES1505 chr2 27094385 1e-79
FBES1509 chr2 15845129 1e-145
FBES1512 chr2 7704800 1e-111
FBES1578 chr2 32275385 1e-109
FBES1625 chr2 12774590 3e-94
FBES1626 chr2 5441484 7e-61
FBES1627 chr2 5739860 1e-87
FBES1679 chr2 29924588 1e-49
FBES1688 chr2 1780566 2e-71
FBES1694 chr2 2203335 1e-109
FBES1732 chr2 22479187 2e-72
* Best match positions of the marker sequences to the genome databases using tblastx (<1e-20) without filtering query sequence.

Total Entries: 91

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