Faba bean Marker Database

Medicago genome (Mt3.5v4) list : chr2

Order of Faba_bean markers and Medicago gene models

Faba_bean markers on the Medicago genome (Mt3.5v4)

Total Entries: 91

Marker Color EST-SNP EST-SSR Genome-SSR Intron-SNP

Marker Name Genome
Name Position*
FBES1509 chr2 15845129 1e-145
FBES0389 chr2 16011963 5e-57
FBES0831 chr2 16262883 8e-62
FBES1172 chr2 16956217 3e-96
FBES0566 chr2 19141357 3e-73
FBES0957 chr2 22126833 3e-96
FBES1732 chr2 22479187 2e-72
FBES0431 chr2 23030834 1e-128
FBES0573 chr2 23284965 1e-131
FBES0183 chr2 23495059 1e-108
FBES1023 chr2 23589380 1e-174
FBES0812 chr2 24907245 7e-81
FBES0063 chr2 25002416 2e-89
FBES1134 chr2 25309744 4e-85
FBES1505 chr2 27094385 1e-79
FBES1486 chr2 27148256 1e-143
FBES1218 chr2 27184014 7e-46
FBES1413 chr2 27235921 1e-48
FBES0732 chr2 27257289 3e-74
FBES0312 chr2 28008008 2e-58
FBES0584 chr2 28038451 1e-148
FBES0606 chr2 28764301 8e-93
FBES0219 chr2 29059449 1e-98
FBES1502 chr2 29165984 1e-108
FBES1235 chr2 29893765 2e-58
FBES1679 chr2 29924588 1e-49
FBES0535 chr2 30446488 1e-129
FBES0926 chr2 30701979 3e-27
FBES0757 chr2 31124877 3e-92
FBES0444 chr2 31157385 3e-61
FBES0218 chr2 31518828 1e-141
FBES0340 chr2 31842176 1e-80
FBES1248 chr2 31900151 1e-115
FBES1578 chr2 32275385 1e-109
FBES0877 chr2 32388843 5e-67
FBES1201 chr2 32458907 1e-116
FBES0637 chr2 33157347 1e-141
FBES0005 chr2 33641139 3e-64
FBES0324 chr2 33685877 1e-65
FBES0025 chr2 33789820 1e-107
FBES0424 chr2 33993313 1e-85
* Best match positions of the marker sequences to the genome databases using tblastx (<1e-20) without filtering query sequence.

Total Entries: 91

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