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Pepper genome (Zunla-1_Release_2.0, Qin et al. 2014 PNAS) list : Chr05

Order of Pepper markers and Pepper gene models

Pepper markers on the Pepper genome (Zunla-1_Release_2.0, Qin et al. 2014 PNAS)

Total Entries: 312

Marker Color EST-SNP EST-SSR Genome-SSR Intron-SNP

Marker Name PIC value PIC lines Genome
Name Position*
CaES4573 Chr05 216538655 7e-35
CaES0672 Chr05 216751995 1e-132
CaES3688 Chr05 216868909 2e-92
CaES1093 Chr05 216967862 1e-113
CaES0987 Chr05 216994682 1e-113
CaES1007 Chr05 217051319 3e-28
CaES4407 Chr05 217061535 1e-137
CaES0695 Chr05 217115103 7e-74
CaES4590 Chr05 217120271 1e-144
CaES4353 Chr05 217194968 1e-107
CaES5477 Chr05 217199965 3e-92
CaES4813 Chr05 217200882 1e-116
* Best match positions of the marker sequences to the genome databases using tblastx (<1e-20) without filtering query sequence.

Total Entries: 312

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