Pepper Marker Database

Tomato genome (SL2.40) list : SL2.40ch11

Order of Pepper markers and Tomato gene models

Pepper markers on the Tomato genome (SL2.40)

Total Entries: 230

Marker Color EST-SNP EST-SSR Genome-SSR Intron-SNP

Marker Name PIC value PIC lines Genome
Name Position*
CaES0418 SL2.40ch11 51160293 5e-35
CaES3857 SL2.40ch11 51317356 1e-114
CaES5313 SL2.40ch11 51396809 1e-79
CaES4412 SL2.40ch11 51489891 1e-109
CaES3501 SL2.40ch11 51503496 1e-101
CaES3766 SL2.40ch11 51514063 1e-101
CaES4931 SL2.40ch11 51543872 3e-56
CaES1859 SL2.40ch11 51638075 1e-141
CaES1704 SL2.40ch11 51638777 2e-61
CaES5371 SL2.40ch11 51727500 5e-59
CaES3587 SL2.40ch11 51840039 3e-36
CaES3909 SL2.40ch11 51858659 1e-78
CaES4990 SL2.40ch11 51935887 4e-34
CaES2388 SL2.40ch11 52155587 2e-42
CaES4913 SL2.40ch11 52221684 1e-66
CaES5597 SL2.40ch11 52225889 1e-48
CaES0803 SL2.40ch11 52252884 9e-34
CaES1488 SL2.40ch11 52267191 1e-88
CaES3615 SL2.40ch11 52429295 2e-62
CaES2246 SL2.40ch11 52646698 1e-102
CaES0329 SL2.40ch11 52701506 4e-21
CaES3702 SL2.40ch11 52701506 8e-42
CaES5150 SL2.40ch11 52705781 3e-21
CaES4976 SL2.40ch11 52789090 1e-95
CaES1606 SL2.40ch11 52816351 2e-53
CaES0043 SL2.40ch11 52820849 1e-53
CaES0061 SL2.40ch11 53264760 2e-42
CaES2107 SL2.40ch11 53264826 4e-32
CaES3559 SL2.40ch11 53264941 3e-50
CaES3725 SL2.40ch11 53274645 1e-80
* Best match positions of the marker sequences to the genome databases using tblastx (<1e-20) without filtering query sequence.

Total Entries: 230

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