Pepper Marker Database

Tomato genome (SL2.40) list : SL2.40ch08

Order of Pepper markers and Tomato gene models

Pepper markers on the Tomato genome (SL2.40)

Total Entries: 276

Marker Color EST-SNP EST-SSR Genome-SSR Intron-SNP

Marker Name PIC value PIC lines Genome
Name Position*
CaES2964 SL2.40ch08 61727238 1e-48
CaES4435 SL2.40ch08 61761274 5e-45
CaES4532 SL2.40ch08 61803349 7e-37
CaES1378 SL2.40ch08 61810748 8e-29
CaES0368 SL2.40ch08 62264317 7e-63
CaES1251 SL2.40ch08 62293816 1e-40
CaES1383 SL2.40ch08 62306958 3e-40
CaES3871 SL2.40ch08 62363856 6e-36
CaES0739 SL2.40ch08 62383117 1e-102
CaES0673 SL2.40ch08 62430684 3e-85
CaES5075 SL2.40ch08 62497855 1e-74
CaES2391 SL2.40ch08 62497894 9e-37
CaES4082 SL2.40ch08 62560181 4e-99
CaES0293 SL2.40ch08 62571546 1e-73
CaES1325 SL2.40ch08 62592213 1e-47
CaES4917 SL2.40ch08 62612008 2e-78
CaES4079 SL2.40ch08 62617944 1e-122
CaES0181 SL2.40ch08 62733256 1e-60
CaES3876 SL2.40ch08 62773085 7e-44
CaES4618 SL2.40ch08 62789976 4e-49
CaES4416 SL2.40ch08 62848024 1e-73
CaES3995 SL2.40ch08 62921198 5e-58
CaES5594 SL2.40ch08 62981067 3e-42
CaES0132 SL2.40ch08 62996873 1e-48
CaES0663 0.461 180 SL2.40ch08 62996873 2e-66
CaES5508 SL2.40ch08 63000849 3e-26
* Best match positions of the marker sequences to the genome databases using tblastx (<1e-20) without filtering query sequence.

Total Entries: 276

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