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Arabidopsis genome (TAIR10) list : chr5

Order of Daikon markers and Arabidopsis gene models

Daikon markers on the Arabidopsis genome (TAIR10)

Total Entries: 730

Marker Color EST-SNP EST-SSR Genome-SSR Intron-SNP

Marker Name Genome
Evalue GHRI
Name Position* Linkage Position
RSS1372 chr5 26237406 2e-65
RSS1970 chr5 26338593 6e-86
RSS1569 chr5 26356011 3e-26
RSS2361 chr5 26413845 1e-56
RSS3307 chr5 26417737 2e-31
RSS0652 chr5 26418943 1e-84
RSS3073 chr5 26425046 1e-69
RSS0478 chr5 26433073 4e-66
RSS2332 chr5 26438139 1e-118
RSS0781 chr5 26449548 1e-100
RSS2724 chr5 26451595 5e-48 LG2 34.1
RSS2177 chr5 26452803 1e-97
RSS4016 chr5 26469383 2e-61
RSS3067 chr5 26496492 3e-85
RSS3221 chr5 26523881 1e-84
RSS0090 chr5 26616541 8e-69
RSS0889 chr5 26639981 8e-42
RSS2628 chr5 26660814 1e-63
RSS1505 chr5 26728588 3e-92
RSS2867 chr5 26792568 1e-100
RSS3549 chr5 26798191 2e-88
RSS0363 chr5 26798665 2e-75
RSS2150 chr5 26798770 8e-39
RSS2109 chr5 26809650 8e-81
RSS3791 chr5 26809650 8e-70
RSS3748 chr5 26832147 8e-73
RSS0882 chr5 26860753 1e-108
RSS3711 chr5 26905115 8e-54
RSS3388 chr5 26951530 2e-71
RSS1639 chr5 26955215 4e-90
* Best match positions of the marker sequences to the genome databases using tblastx (<1e-20) without filtering query sequence.

Total Entries: 730

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