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B. rapa genome (v1.2) list : A09

Order of Daikon markers and B. rapa gene models

Daikon markers on the B. rapa genome (v1.2)

Total Entries: 517

Marker Color EST-SNP EST-SSR Genome-SSR Intron-SNP

Marker Name Genome
(B. rapa v1.2)
Evalue GHRI
Name Position* Linkage Position
RSS2470 A09 36221100 5e-52
RSS3622 A09 36223471 2e-56
RSS3852 A09 36227747 2e-93
RSS2463 A09 36264637 1e-07
RSS0677 A09 36359399 4e-26
RSS3519 A09 36415536 7e-79
RSS3879 A09 36415982 4e-75
RSS0270 A09 36545555 3e-65
RSS0746 A09 36546166 4e-16
RSS2992 A09 36750052 2e-64 LG3 65.2
RSS2115 A09 36751541 1e-138
RSS3240 A09 36820037 6e-47
RSS1044 A09 36877230 1e-63
RSS3186 A09 37000692 1e-123 LG8 19.3
RSS1973 A09 37033484 4e-86 LG3 64.1
RSS1138 A09 37035377 2e-87
RSS3353 A09 37103511 5e-11
* Best match positions of the marker sequences to the genome databases using tblastx (<1e-20) without filtering query sequence.

Total Entries: 517

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